Delivery Driven Success…

Are words that everyone at GPS lives by. We are a commercially-aware organization with talented and committed people, delivering cost effective solutions to our clients. An equal opportunity employer, GPS offers a multi-cultural working environment in a closely-knit family of highly qualified, highly committed people. GPS understands the need for flexibility in the workplace, good working conditions and opportunities for advancement. There is an inclusive culture at GPS where staff at all levels work together and communicate, recognizing the strengths and abilities within their group and the wider organization.

Working with us

Your life with us may see you working in our offices in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. At GPS, we offer a professional, stimulating and learning environment where excellence is both recognized and rewarded.

The company has a management team with the drive to develop people. We are open and truthful in the way we conduct business and treat all stakeholders consistently with fairness and respect, because of these philosophies, we enjoy a high employee retention rate. We apply teamwork effectively for the benefit of the business, our people, our customers and partners, by ensuring everyone on the team understands the processes, relationships, risks, and costs involved in all our transactions. GPS harbours talent that has consistently delivered beyond client expectations, to achieve this the team is empowered to create and innovate.

Dushyanth Rajeevan
Human Resources Manager

Succeeding together is about being open, empathetic, respectful and having no fear to speak your mind

Currently we have no vacancies available, but please check back soon